Slipper and I travel into Milton, Georgia to be a part of an Appalachian Trail Conservancy Event (an event to inform and invite Nature Lovers and Hiking Enthusiasts to be a contributing member of The Appalachian Trail Conservancy). Our plea is simple: HELP CONSERVE!

The CEO of The Appalachian Trail Conservancy along with Author, Speaker and Long Distance Hiker: Jennifer Pharr Davis were present at the event to also encourage all those in attendance to HELP CONSERVE.

As we enjoy the company of so many people who have an interest in the preservation and conservancy of the AT, to hear others speak with passion about the trail enable Slipper and myself to mentally and emotionally put ourselves back on the trail.

Being that we immediately begin back to work as soon as we return from our summit of Mount Katahadin, it has been months since we have backpacked, hiked and camped the trail.

We are grateful to hear and be encouraged by those who make The Appalachian Trail Conservancy their career, and we too join in sharing the mantra: HELP CONSERVE.

Whomever you are, wherever you live, whatever you are able to contribute, please consider becoming a member of The Appalachian Trail Conservancy and HELP CONSERVE this amazing trail for generations to come.

Because of people like you who become contributing members and HELP CONSERVE, the Appalachian Trail will be there for generations to experience and our children and grandchildren will be able to enjoy the therapeutic beauty of nature (specifically: The Appalachian Trail). HELP CONSERVE!