“Slipper” has read untold amounts of books and blogs about the Appalachian Trail and we have discussed our reasons and purpose for thru-hiking the A.T in 2016 and other trails thereafter.

“Tripper’s” life purpose is “To meet people where they are and help them to become all that they can be.”

Tripper’s thru-hike purpose is to learn as many “life lessons” as possible from nature and creation and return to write 4 books about the epic experience: a Relational book, an Inspirational/Motivational book, a How-We-Did-It book and a Children’s book. Why? To help people “trip” less and hike more on their journey of life and to hike their own hike (whatever path they are on) to becoming all that they can be.”

“Slipper’s” purpose is to be the helpmate to “Tripper” (with photo, media and partnership) and to help create and capture the “life lessons” that will be shared with others for generations to come. It is “Slipper’s” desire to join “Tripper” in this epic venture to help people “slip” less and hike more on their life journey and to encourage others (via her thru-hike) to “put their best foot forward” in an attempt to climb and conquer any mountain that may stand before them. While some may want to move their mountain… Slipper’s encouragement is: “Why not climb it?”

People are always asking us:
How do you feel about your attempt to thru-hike The Appalachian Trail in 2016 and other trails around the world thereafter?


It might seem crazy, but…

Hiking makes us feel “Happy”



When we first began hiking together, you could hear our laughter echo throughout the woods as we would laugh out loud at ourselves each time one of us would “trip” or “slip” on the trail.

Honestly, “tripping” and “slipping” can be a dangerous thing (especially at higher elevations… low elevations… or no elevations)! People get hurt all the time by “tripping” and “slipping” and we do not mean to make light of anyone’s mishap while out hiking, backpacking or camping.

It didn’t take us long to realize that we needed to get-in-shape, get-in-rhythm, get-in-step and get-in-the-groove to hiking over tree roots, rocks, mud, etc. Calvin always seemed to “trip” more and Patti always seemed to “slip” more on our excursions, so we soon embraced the trail names: “Tripper” and “Slipper.”

We even made a game out of our “tripping” and “slipping” ventures (a game that has been played by untold numbers of people since we have logged it in the journal at Len Foote Hike Inn years ago)! Here’s how it is played:

Each time you are out hiking with your companion or significant other on any given trail, begin to count each time a person “trips” or “slips” throughout the hiking experience. The person with the most “trips” or “slips” is responsible to give the person with the least stumbles a full body massage at the end of the day.

Believe me, it is far better being the recepient of a massage than the one responsible to give it (especially after a day of moderate to strenuous hiking). Needless to say, after a few days of playing “TRAIL TRIPPER & SLIPPER” you’ll be a bit more mindful, conscious and careful with each step you take. Here is the motivating inspiration to playing the game… when you become more present and conscious to each step along your journey, the hike will become more peaceful, pleasant and personally satisfying for you. Get it? Got it! Good!