While it is true that we are to GIVE THANKS in all things, this year is special because Slipper’s sister has just retired from working 40 years as a nurse.


This Thanksgiving Day, Slipper and I travel up to Asheville, North Carolina to share in the celebration of Cheryl’s retirement and GIVE THANKS for family.

Needless to say, whenever family comes together the days are filled with laughter and lots of memory making and sharing.

We GIVE THANKS for our family and their continued support of us “off the trail” as much as they supported us “on the trail.”


Slipper and I continue to “put our heads together” and GIVE THANKS in all things!

Life “off the trail” is quite different than life “on the trail” and we continue to apply the principles experienced on the Appalachian Trail into our everyday living.


We look forward to the time that we will be serving and working together (24/7) as we did along the 2,189.1 miles of our Northbound Thru-Hikers.

We relish the time spent with family during the holidays, and GIVE THANKS for the uniqueness of each individual. Together, we create “family” and together we GIVE THANKS.