Slipper and I are happy and honored to have Slipper’s Sister (Cheryl) and Brother-In-Love (Marshall) as A MOUNTAIN FAMILY in our home town!

We had the joy of representing them in the purchase of their mountain home at the highest elevation of The First Mountain City of Jasper, GA.

After a short while in the Attorney’s Office to sign the paperwork and to sign “their life away,” we celebrate their life transition with a celebratory BBQ Lunch at a neighboring BBQ Restaurant and then up to the top of the mountain with A MOUNTAIN FAMILY to capture a breathtaking photo of the sunset.

Can you imagine waking up and going to bed with “this” view? OMG!

Maybe Slipper and I can influence A MOUNTAIN FAMILY to begin hiking! Afterall, they are only steps away from Oglethorpe Mountain  (the original Southern Terminus of The Appalachian Trail)!

We are stoked to have family living above us on the mountain! Every day is the 14th on the mountain and A MOUNTAIN FAMILY at the highest elevation may soon discover this Tripper and Slipper “truth.”