It has now been 6 months since we have completed out 2016 thru-hike of The Appalachian Trail… we are still in the process of transitioning back into our careers… we desperately miss the trail with all of its wonder… and we are trying to rediscover some sort of hiking routine WHENEVER WE CAN.

We are reminded of the “freedom” we experienced while on the trail: freedom from the technological strapping of our phones and computers, freedom from the demands of meeting deadlines… freedom from the requirement of quotas… freedom from the hustles and bustles of vehicular traffic.

Within our fast paced careers, we seek and strive for a systematic return back into the liberating simplicity of hiking in the midst of nature WHENEVER WE CAN.

Life off the trail is different… diverse… demanding… draining and daunting. Talk about “culture shock?” We are still encountering it and experiencing it! You might think that we would both be settled back into a daily routine by now (so did we), but it’s just not that easy. We find our solace on a trail WHENEVER WE CAN.