When we landed back in Atlanta (after our 6 month and 4 day thru-hike of The Appalachian Trail), Slipper and I suddenly find ourselves immerced in work again (this time with a significant promotion and increased responsibility).

While flattering to be courted by several companies, we both knew that our Gold Sponsor: Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Georgia Properties would become our Business Partner again.

So… after “walking” 2,189.1 miles PLUS, it was time for a new “ride.”

SLIPPER decides to RIDE… RIDE… RIDE… LET IT RIDE in a White Infiniti (perfect size and lift to be utilized within the community that she manages)

TRIPPER opts for a Black Rubicon Jeep to RIDE… RIDE… RIDE… LET IT RIDE throughout the several communities that he now manages for Patrick Malloy Communities.

But wait!!!! Didn’t TRIPPER already have a Jeep Wrangler (that he would refer to as his Mountain Mercedes)?

Yes… yes… yes… TRIPPER’S beloved Mountain Mercedes (the vehicle of choice for him to RIDE… RIDE… RIDE… LET IT RIDE for over a decade)! What would he ever do with his “baby!”

Truth is… my Mountain Mercedes was actually the first vehicle that I purchased for my daughter when she turned 16 years old.

Now that my daughter is a mother of two daughters (who both love Jeeps), it just felt right to “Gift” my daughter with her very first vehicle and allow her and her family to RIDE… RIDE… RIDE… LET IT RIDE for years and decades longer!

I must admit… while riding may be nice, we long to walk again for miles and miles and miles.

Keep an eye our for us, because we are soon to be coming to a trail near you!