You know you live in the mountains when your FRONT DOOR GUESTS are Black Bear, Deer, Bob Cat, Turkey, Racoon, Snake and more!

Slipper and I like to begin our day with a walk along the asphalt paths of our community, and today was a day of seeing wildlife (that actually have become our FRONT DOOR GUESTS).


I spotted this guy just outside our front door this morning, and he apparently had his eyes and mind on a particular female today (as he was seen following her from yard to yard).

He stopped in the midst of our hiking path as if to say, ” Will you two humans quit making so much noise and quit scaring this beautiful doe that I am following?”

What is a human to do? After all, he is among our FRONT DOOR GUESTS!


We passed by Mr. Bear (Featured Photo), who had obviously made his way to our neighbor’s front door this morning. I’m not sure if we woke him up from a nap, or if he was hoping some food would magically appear at the bottom of the steps. Either way, we said, “Hello” and kept hiking forward to the top of the hill (where one of our mountain streams have run completely dry).

I recently created 3 Watering Pools behind our home where our FRONT DOOR GUESTS can drink and bathe. Maybe this is why we are seeing more wildlife than usual! The wildlife have become our FRONT DOOR GUESTS!